Stapana Ela va astepata, cu servicii de dominare de inalta clasa, in Timisoara
                                            SEX  SLAVE BEHAVIOR

The slave must be trained in all sexual arts that please the Mistress. 
The slave must understand that his aim is to fulfil all  the sexual desires of the Mistress. 
The slave should provide the most sensual and pleasurable sensations.
The slave must also understand that he is merely an object to be used in
any way the Mistress requires for her sexual gratification and pleasure. Therefore any desires the slave may have are of no consequence. 

Neither is his comfort and he will be expected to perform at any time for as long as the Mistress demands. 
Whether restrained in restrictive bondage, spread wide with a large butt plug or suffering with electro torture of his cock or a bunch of nettles in his groin the slave must learn that nothing less than maximum effort to please will be acceptable and punishment will follow if the Mistress is not completely satisfied with this most intimate act of servitude.

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