Stapana Ela va astepata, cu servicii de dominare de inalta clasa, in Timisoara

Bees are tiny, weird creatures.
Hymenoptera bring many benefits to Humanity.
There is an entire symbolism in direct correlation with bees. They symbolize wealth, abundance, good work, hard work and eroticism.
The matriarchy is the form of leadership in the society of bees.
In the hive, the bees are led by the Queen.
  Bees play an important role in the Universe. They pollinate many plant species and produce lots of honey and side products. But they were also used in an erotic sense.
    How about using bees today for erotic purposes?

Long time ago, in ancient Egyptians times, used to exist a bee anal toy.

Bees were regarded as a pleasure toys.

The bees were used for erotic pleasure. Great Egyptian pharaohs and queens such as Tutankhamun, Akhenaten, Rameses, Queen Hatshepsut, Cleopatra.
For this purpose was used the skin of beef, which has a stronger consistency and can’t be crossed with the needle of bees.

This bee dildo consist of several hundreds of working bees of African hornets.

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