Stapana Ela va astepata, cu servicii de dominare de inalta clasa, in Timisoara

Tribute rituals have been successfully performed and training for beginners has just begun. The novice slave, with a tight neck, could not answer. Incredibly calm, Mistress Ela's voice insisted: 

 “-Why are you so scared and stressed, you dick head? You didn't make any mistake, let me know. I did not order any specific punishment. So what's your problem? ”  

 Once again the submissive subject opened his mouth and could not utter a word. Giving up the initial posture, he bowed his head. The tied hands, which hung, began to tremble a little. The Mistress asks a question. the subject is waiting. He feels that the session begins, because the master's question is the beginning of a domination session. As soon as he knelt down, not knowing what Mistress Ela's mood was, he waited. Being unsure of the Master's demands or cruelties, all the will of the subject is with her. His will was absorbed, like the sand on the beach that absorbs water quickly, so he felt absorbed by the strong personality of the Master. In those minutes, he barely had the strength to obey orders. He was stunned, upset, and lacked the strength to answer questions. Only the sound in the air given by the Master's whip, managed to break this paralyzing anxiety, torturous but also pleasant at the same time.

 While waiting for the first lashes, there was a tension, a wait, as well as a release. But nothing concrete, nothing predicted what would happen. "-You, what are you, you are lucky today" said Mistress Ela.

To be continued

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